"THE FAILSAFE TRIGGERS. YOUR NIGHTMARE RETURNS. I AM THE TRUE FALLEN ENGINEER. THE END BEGINS NOW!"- The Fallen Engineer===== The Dishwasher's enemy and the main antagonist of the series. He created the Synthesis AI, the Cyborg Army and an "empire of lies", corrupting the human race. The Fallen Engineer also created The Dishwasher, who would in turn be his downfall. His personality is shown to be sadistic, manipulative, and ruthless. He is similar to The Dishwasher in appearance, but wears a frightening mask.

The Dishwasher: Dead SamuraiEdit

The Dishwasher first encounters The Fallen Engineer on a cyborg horse. He defeats the Engineer and takes his Shiftblade as a trophy. The Engineer also serves as the final boss, wielding the Synthesis AI electrical cables. The Dishwasher severs his arms and decapitates him, resulting in the Engineer transforming into a taller, more slender figure. He is ultimately defeated once again, as his arms and head explodes. He's also been hinted to have battled Chef before, believing him to be his only equal.

The Dishwasher: Vampire SmileEdit

After his presumed death in the previous game, he had gone on to corrupt the Banker, General, and Judge on the Earth's Moon.

The Dishwasher's storyline: The Dishwasher arrives just in time to witness Yuki's execution of the Judge, who puts on The Fallen Engineer's mask, proclaiming himself to be The Fallen Engineer. The true Fallen Engineer then emerges from The Judge, and with Yuki's help, The Dishwasher fights the him. He is then brought into a nightmare dimension, in the Foghorn Cafe, fighting cyborg puppets, mysterious sketches, and finally, The Fallen Engineer himself. After The Dishwasher defeats him once, they are both transported to a circular hellish battlefield, where The Dishwasher eventually overpowers The Fallen Engineer, smashing him repeatedly with his hammer, making the Engineer's mask fall off. However, The Dishwasher contemplates weather he is truly dead this time, than states that if the Engineer does return, he will defeat him and his corruption once more, even if they have to destroy an entire world after another to do it.

The Prisoner's (Yuki's) storyline: It plays similarly to The Dishwasher's storyline, except The Dishwasher has been killed by Yuki, who was manipulated by The Creeper. In the end, The Prisoner stabs him repeatedly with her Painkiller. She states that, in the end, the only thing she cares about is her freedom.